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True Ubiquitous Connectivity for the Entire World

UbiquitiLink is focused on providing
connectivity to all 7.7 billion people.
 Everywhere on Earth.

Current technologies have hit their limits for bridging the digital divide. Cell towers only cover 10% of the planet. Building cell towers everywhere is economically unaffordable. More than five hundred million cell phone users are disconnected on average at any point in time because they are out of range of a cell tower. Satellites are the obvious solution. However, the current “paradigm” for satellites requires the purchase of a “user terminal” that costs hundreds-to-thousands of dollars. This too is unaffordable for billions. There is a better way. UbiquitiLink represents a fundamental breakthrough in the economics of connectivity. We will make it affordable to connect the last 2.5 billion people on Earth who have yet to buy a phone. The global market for connectivity is $1 Trillion per year. Connectivity is productivity, which makes this a huge economic and social opportunity. By connecting the unconnected, we will transform communities across the planet, and save tens-of-thousands of lives per year. Join us. Help make Earth a better world.